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Or Try DrawMo for Those Who Wish to Draw More

Drawmo And for those people who draw, try DrawMo. This is one I know I can't handle in November, since I'm over-committed, but I might want to try it next year. Can't wait to see the posts. You will find them all on the group blog.

I'm just so excited about all the neat things happening in November in the blogosphere. What a great time to join a community and practice anything. Probably with more research we could find other events. Sometimes I need a bit of motivation to keep doing something, and groups and classes always work for me.

What will you do in November?


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Hi, Sandra. Thanks for the write-up!

I'm sorry you won't be joining us for DrawMo!, but good luck with the writing.

Sandra Renshaw

Hi India,
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy November.

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