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A Fine Ending to the Bathroom Blogfest '06

Blogfestlogov2_3 I'm a little sad to see the week end. I joined the Bathroom Blogfest '06 a bit late, but it sure was fun - and enlightening. From what I read it was quite successful. People have a lot of input about ladiesrooms. I'm looking forward to next year! I think I'll keep a file of photos and experiences...

Just a few points to end the week:

I happened to be in the local Wal-Mart store yesterday. They really need to spiff up their ladiesrooms. Even if they are old, cleanliness is paramount. Couldn't help but snap a photo of the wet floors and TP layering the floor, but can't seem to get it out of my camera. A picture doesn't portray the bad smells, either. Clean it up Wal-Mart! Make our customer experience better.

One of my pet peeves is the harsh, over-scented hand soap in the ladiesrooms - especially at restaurants. What's wrong with plain, old-fashioned soap (do we really need a fragrance)? The last thing I want to do is wash my hands and sit down to enjoy my scrumptious meal and all I can smell is the obnoxious residue of scented industrial soap every time I lift fork to mouth. Bathroom managers take note and give us nice soap.

And to leave on a good note. I didn't get a chance to visit my favorite store this week to take photos, but trust me, Von Maur in Des Moines has the best ladies' lounge in town. Their commitment to a positive customer experience is exemplified by the attention to detail in the ladiesroom. It's spacious, clean and I've never seen a waiting line because there's abundant stalls with all the amenities. The sink area offers both paper towels and electric dryers. There is a nice waiting area with comfy chairs and a courtesy phone. There's a separate area for babes and their moms. I think they're right up there with Nordstroms.

Well, that concludes my participation in the Blogfest. Thanks for listening and joining in the converstation. In case you want to catch up, you can find links to all the participants at Wrapping Up the Bathroom Blogfest by Susan Abbott.


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