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Blogtipping Day: My First

148368832_12ba5a154c_m I've been blogging on (and off and on) and off and on for several months. I always wanted to participate in Blogtipping Day but never have completed a post - started one though. Seems like there was some excuse or another: too busy, what do I have to say, is it the first of the month already, it's scary to comment on other blogs, what do I know, etc. But I don't like to be left out of anything and this looks fun. Plus I get to post a cool icon.

So what the heck is Blogtipping Day? Started by Easton Ellsworth of Business Blogwire, it's officially held the first day of each month. You pick three blogs, give them three compliments and one helpful tip. What a great way to spread the word about blogs you might have discovered and want to share. And it's a fun way to give and receive constructive feedback on your site and a cool opportunity to meet other bloggers.

So here it is:

Personal Boot Camp by Marjon

  1. Your posts are always interesting and transparent (which helps me to know you better). I like that they're geared toward self-improvement.
  2. You link to interesting sites that I can follow and that allows me to learn and grow along with you.
  3. Love the song of the day. It reminds me to think about music more often and triggers great memories when you pick songs I haven't thought about for years.

Tip: Post more often (isn't that what they all say) because I love to read your stories; link to other bloggers who share similar interests to keep the conversation going.

Drew's Marketing Minute by Drew McLellan

  1. I love the passion you show in your writing - about the blogosphere, parenting, community building, charities, etc.
  2. The colors and design of your web/blog site are eye-catching and fun. Makes it a nice place to visit. (I still like to visit vs. read in feed readers because I appreciate the experience.)
  3. Your posts are insightful, interesting and make me think in a different way. I always learn something new on your site. Glad you are blogging!

Tip: Add monthly archive links on the sidebar to make it easy to find your past posts.

The Broom Wizards by Shawn & Susan Frey

  1. Your enthusiasm for your job and for blogging is contagious. Love the stories and want to hear more.
  2. As a consumer, I appreciate the cleaning tips you offer. Anything that saves me time or money is great.
  3. I like the quotes you add at the end of many of your posts. Gives me something to think about.

Tip: Break the long posts into two posts or use bullets or sub-headings to break up the long spans of text.


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