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Blog Tag: Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

136165601_29bfaca5ec_b I've been tagged by Drew McLellan to tell you five things you don't know about me and then I get to tag five others to do the same. Good way to get to know each other. Not too difficult to think of five about me since not a lot of people in the blogosphere know me well.

  1. I love bird watching (which is another reason that the PurpleWren name works for me).
  2. I spent a year living in Half Moon Bay, CA and working for the Stanford Report at Stanford University when Jim was on sabbatical. I was very sad to leave the Bay Area.
  3. I spent ten days in Singapore and India the summer of 2002 teaching co-workers how to use a custom CRM software system and I would love to visit again.
  4. I practice yoga, and haven't lately because it's hard to do a downward facing dog pose with a recovering wrist (broke it last year).
  5. I'm a big basketball fan. We've been to two women's final four tournaments.

OK - this is the interesting part - finding five people who have not yet been tagged. Let's see. It doesn't look like anyone has tagged Mark True, Kyle Eslick, Carolyn Manning, Kirsten Harrell, and Christine Kane yet - hope you'll play along.

Photo on Flickr by SaintSeminole


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