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Z-Listers Are Now Pic Shots

The Z-List is still making the rounds - in fact there are several versions - and I may add to this post. These links were taken from numerous sources (MarketingProfs:DailyFix, Christine Kane, Copywriting Maven, and SuccessCREEations to name a few) and I added a visual element cropped from the respective sites. The Z-List started with Mack Collier of The Viral Garden, where you can read all about it and the rules for adding to it.


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» Design Sojourn soon to be Z Lister no more from Design Sojourn
Wow its pretty amazing the rounds this Z-List meme is making. Recently Seth Godin, the marketing guru, has picked up on this phenomenon and posted all of us at his Squidoo site. Squidoo is a site similar to Digg where the users can vote up their fav... [Read More]

» A picture is worth... from The Marketing Minute
...a whole lot of z-listers!Sandy Renshaw from Purple Wren has created a collage to shout about the Mack Collier's z-listers in a whole new way. Kudos for Sandy for not only paying the meme forward but doing it in her [Read More]

» The Z-List Network from Design Sojourn
I felt such great piece of work by Purple Wren needed to be somehow immortalized. As most of these blogs are pretty good, I like to somehow turn this Z-List into a blog network that follows the likes of 9Rules et al. So as a start, Ive turned ... [Read More]


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