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Create a Treasure Map of Your Goals

352023817_db07ab045d_o Need some inspiration for goal setting?

Yes, it's getting to be the end of January already, but there is still plenty of time to set goals!

They say it's more effective to write down your goals. Even better, make a treasure map . . . 

Treasure mapping is a process of visualizing your goals (and hopes, desires, and dreams) and representing them with a collage of pictures. Don't worry about how - just brainstorm with yourself.

Look through magazines and catalogs and if a picture resonates with you, tear it out. The pictures can be literal (a car) or symbolic (represents something of importance to you). You don't need to know exactly what you are looking for or how it might come to be. It's a process of opening up to opportunities and possibilities.

Some people create a treasure map every year. Others create a treasure map for a specific goal like starting a business, taking a trip, or having a happy relationship. You can do it in a couple hours or over a couple weeks. It's up to you. Create anything you like.

It's easy to get started.

  1. Select goal and a time frame.
  2. Grab a stack of magazines and catalogs.
  3. Cut out compelling photos, illustrations and words.
  4. Arrange and paste them on a poster board.

When you're done, put it away in a closet or hang it in plain view. Either way, you have set the intention in your mind. It's fun to look at your treasure maps over time to see how many of your goals have been realized.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Spiritual goals: faith, philosophy, beliefs
  • Intellectual goals: reading, learning
  • Physical goals: fitness, healthy food and drink, strong bodies, ideal weight
  • Relationship goals: family, friends, mentors, spouses, kids, pets
  • Activities: travel, bicycling, running, hiking, camping, sailing, reading, relaxing
  • Business/material goals: wealth, busy store/office, employees, real estate, art, clothing

What are your goals? Can you picture them?

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This is a great tool for identifying and setting goals. I was introduced to it by my coach and have been using it for years.
A couple things that help me with the process are:

1. Set a time limit - 30 minutes or 1 hour - so you are responding instinctually to the images, not spending weeks considering exactly the right photo of a beach.

2. Do it in a comfortable safe-zone. I.e. don't do this in the public library. Setup in your favourite spot at home or in the office. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or cup of tea and relax.

3. After you are done, talk it through. Whether you talk it over with your partner, or just record it, you'd be amazed at the insight you can get from describing why you picked that picture of the beach and what element of the picture is the relevant piece.

Thanks for sharing this fantastic tip!

Sandra Renshaw

Hi Lex,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Those are terrific points. It's interesting to hear the different ways people go about making a treasure map. I really like point #3. In the past I have done that, but didn't think about it when I made one on my own. I'm going to be sure and share my finished piece!


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i like it how you broke them down in goals. it's very natural to have different types of goals in our lives. not just material ones, but spiritual too.


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Good ideas,
I think setting goals in life or planning about life is a good way to make progress.In this way it is easy to finish our work in a limited time frame.Goal setting also makes our life punctual.That's why it is essential.Anyway I'll start with spiritual goals.

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