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Purple Wrench: 7 Reasons Why I Like Squidoo

Squidoo Probably many of you have used Squidoo, but for those who haven't, check out what it's about at SquidLens: The Official Lens on Squidoo. There are more than 50,000 lenses.

Everyone Is An Expert by Seth Godin gives insight on how/why this tool came to be.

Here are five six seven reasons why I think Squidoo is great!

  1. Squidoo supports and encourages community - they're transparent
  2. They use photos of the lens creator which makes it personal - how important is putting a name with a face to you? (and I'm all about visuals)
  3. It's free - I love free!
  4. The new Plexo allows voting by readers - who doesn't like to give their input?Purplewrench
  5. We have information overload - Squidoo allows me to easily find information (tags) from sources I trust in a concise format
  6. It's a way to raise money for charities
  7. You can create a lens about you! your business! your passion!

Maybe you will be inspired to look into using this new media tool.

Here's a few of my favorite lenses (all very different):

That's enough for now. Go find your favorites - I'm off to build a lens.


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Phil Gerbyshak

Interesting lenses Sandy. I really like the way you've found 7 different lens-types. Mine is still a work in progress. I think I'm going to change it into a book type lens.

Sandy Renshaw

Hi Phil,

Thanks for stopping by. Purely accidental with the lens types. Just pointing out some I like - one of my strengths and downfalls is having a lot of interests. One of my challenges this year is to focus.


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