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Sharing the Z-List Collage

ZlistWow! There have been several requests for the code or a version of the Z-List collage that you can use on your site.

To the left is a graphic that you can copy and paste. Others have linked this image to my original post.

Another option is to copy and paste the HTML code. This display has all the individual links.

To make it easy, here's a file.

Download Z-ListSourceCode.txt (19.1K)

Glad you like it.

By the way, I'm going to continue to add more images and links to the collage. The width seems good for sidebars, so I'll add to the length.

If you would like to be added, please leave a comment and I'll get to those first.

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Bob Glaza

Thanks for the beautiful collage, Sandy - you grabbed the best part of my blog tagline - "why" :) i was fortunate enough to get caught up in the z-list meme AND to bump into converstations via it and mybloglog. Now I've been to your place - a lovely blog. See you in the blogosphere!

Sandra Renshaw

Hi Bob,

Thanks for writing. "Why" is one of my favorites! Isn't the blogosphere fun? and small! I run across people all over the place. Glad to meet you. I look forward to reading more on your blog.


Robyn McMaster

Sandy, in exploring your site I found this. I had hoped to put it on my blog cause it generates fun. Thanks for specific directions.

Sandra Renshaw

Thanks Robyn,
Glad you like it. Appreciate the link.

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