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Mediacom vs Sinclair: Everyone Recognizes a Schoolyard Bully

Fight What's the latest on the  Mediacom Communications dispute with Sinclair Broadcasting Group?

Attached is a copy of the response from Sinclair after letters from Mediacom and the Iowa congressional delegation. Download SinclairRelease1-16-07.pdf (34.4K)

Next step: Sinclair asked for a delay of the hearing scheduled last week at the Iowa Statehouse and Mediacom asked to be on the same agenda. Sounds like they're meeting tomorrow.

Sinclair recently struck a deal with Time Warner Cable. According to news reports, Mediacom says it would settle for a similar deal, but Sinclair has refused.

In the meantime, as a customer, I still appreciate Mediacom and the fact they're listening to their customers (me) and taking time to respond.

I haven't heard from Sinclair - have you? Seems like Sinclair is acting like the schoolyard bully.

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