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Who's In Your MyBlogLog Community?

MybloglogAndy Beard started a great MyBlogLog meme. It's a tool I use every day to connect with my community and I want to contribute, so here goes . . .

These are Andy's choices, Mike Sansone's choices, and mine. Great reading for the weekend.

Andy Beard | Andy Beard's Community
Andy Beal
| Marketing Pilgrim Community
Graywolf’s SEO Blog | Graywolfs SEO Community
A VC  | Fred’s A VC Community
Converstations | Mike Sansone’s Community (thanks Andy)
The RSS Blog | The RSS Blog and KBCafe

Black in Business | Jim Walton's Community
Social Caster | Bruce Prokopet's Community
Shared NeedLes | Jamie Parks' Community
Brain Based Biz | Robyn McMaster's Community
Branding Strategy Insider | Derrick Daye's Community

Bella Baita View | Pasticciera's Community
Purple Women | Teri Tith's Community
Goodness Graciousness | Jennifer's Community
Stories by REL | Mark True's Community
Branding & Marketing | Chris Brown's Community
Growth Capitalism | (Hannah) Steen's Community
Megan Prusynski Design
| Megan Prusynski's Community

Go ahead, copy the list and add your links.


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Robyn McMaster

Thanks Sandy for keeping the meme rollin'.


Thank you for the notice, with you being such a pro, I am deeply honored


Thank you for mentioning my blog. I am honored and trying to figure out how to return the mention. I have been making all these interesting connections to people and blogs that don't have anything to do with Life on the "off the beaten path life" in Italy, so I am challenged to figure out how to make that work. Any suggestions are welcome as I am still pretty green at all of this technology.

Sandra Renshaw

Hi Robyn, Jim and Pasticciera,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's fun to know you're out there listening...

If you get a chance, keep the meme going by copying the links and adding yours.


ecommerce solutions

Thnks for Info. and keep it up!!!!

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