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Wordless Wednesday: Drive Time


Photo on flickr by The Andy Rat


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That is an interesting photo. It appears to be in North America based upon the car driving on the right side of the street. It also appears to be somewhere up north based on the scenery. Where is it?

Midwest Girl

It looks like the plains to me... not a hill in site! It does look very peaceful though - with some good music on the radio (or just quiet reflection.) Neat picture that speaks for itself.

Earth 4 Energy

I'll bet you.....that's upstate NY

Daily Picture Trends



Can you please let us know where the picture was taken, it looks very familiar

Naruto Episodes

I know this place! I know this place! lol jk but I do know for a fact that it is in North America some where... Where it is, I'm clueless. :/


i know this place! I know this place! l


hi there .hou r u ??

estetik cerrahi

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Vera Bradley

I like the navigation on your site. Cool beans. I will be back.

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driving forever


This is a really awesome photo! Just where exactly is this taken? It looks really nice, the horizon just tells you to go on keep on driving. Really cool!

Katrina Kaif

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Jeff Scott

I would guess the photo is in Indiana. I have driven through several times, and it all looks like that.

Jeff Scott

After taking another look, I guess it could be almost anywhere in the midwest.

Future Cars

I bet it's Kansas!

Web Conferencing

Nice photo in a wonderful place. Wish I could go there too.

Sportsbook Review

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Probably nobody knows which beatiful place it is, but why nobody talked about the car? :)

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