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What About Google Page Rank?

It's almost time again for the Google PageRank update. I'm like most many people. If there is a rating system, I want to be at the top.

A lot of people ask me what PageRank is. PageRank is displayed as a whole number between 0 and 10, with the most popular websites having a PR of 10 and the least having zero. These updates are published every three months or so.

There's a lot of discussion about how important PageRank is. Here are a few links to more reading:

Thanks to Kyle for pointing out the Google PageRank Prediction tool where you can see what your PR might be. Interesting! What's the prediction for your site?

I don't always take time or remember to check the PR rating for this site - that's why I put that little PR checker on my right sidebar (near the bottom). And I have to admit that I occasionally look at it to be sure I'm not dropping. The first time www.PurpleWren.com was ranked about six months ago it was a "4" and the rank didn't change last time. According to the predictor, maybe this time it will be higher!

Meanwhile, I try to concentrate on posting interesting content and figure the site will grow - or not.


I can tell by looking at these predictions that IowaBizEvents.com has suffered because of the transition we're going through and AroundDesMoines.com needs some promotion. Not a surprise, but an affirmation.

What do you think? Do you pay attention to these tools and how do they impact your actions?


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