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It's BlogTipping Day

148368830_ba0916f5b7_mIt's November 1 and Blog Tipping Day. This is something I enjoy and haven't been doing lately. So here goes:

Blog #1: Brenda Friedrich at Enroute 365

  1. I like the bright colors and design. It's a cheerful site to visit.
  2. The link to 'add your blog to a People list' is convenient. I've never used one before and as a TypePad user it worked well.
  3. Having an "about Brenda" and "about Enroute 365" is a great feature that helps us get to know you and your intention for the site.

Blogging Tip:  Remove the "Subscribe to this blog's feed" at the bottom of the left sidebar since you have a FeedBurner link at the top.

Disclaimer: Brenda and I collaborate on many projects and I'm a fan.

Blog #2: Kelly Moore at Des Moines Families

  1. Love the site and your writing style.
  2. You're including lots of useful tidbits for other families in the metro area.
  3. The category titles are creative and encourage me to check them out.

Blogging Tip: Consider using tags and mapping your blog to a domain.


That's all for me this month. Why don't you consider going "blogtipping" - it's not too late.


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