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Can you believe it? It's time for Bathroom Blogfest '08

Blogfestlogo2008 OK - it took something special for me to stop my crazy schedule and logon and write some new blog posts. Bathroom Blogfest '08 has been going on all week. This is the third year I have participated.

The topic  is ‘cleaning up forgotten spaces around us’ and how this affects the customer experience. Take a look around your store, office, restaurant, etc. What does the customer see? Maybe you ought to approach it with a new eye for details. You want the customer experience to be positive. After all, that's why you are in business.

Take a look at your entry ways, changing rooms, checkout areas, or any spaces that affect the customer experience but haven't been paid the attention they deserve.

Here's a couple photos I took on a recent trip to Sioux Falls, SD. We visited a local Panera. What a pleasant surprise to find this great shelf next to the sink. Very simple and... the perfect place to hold your purse, jacket, drink, package, or whatever while you wash up. Do you have convenient shelves or hooks for your customers?

Bathroomshelf1  Bathroomshelf2

Here's the official list for this year's Bathroom Blogfest Community. Check out these sites for some fun and informative reading. It might open your eyes!

Susan Abbott at Customer Experience Crossroads
Katia Adams at Transcultural Marketing
Shannon Bilby at Floor Talk!
Laurence Borel at Blog Till You Drop
Jo Brown and the blogging team at Kohler Talk
Lisbeth Calandrino at Lisbeth Calandrino
Sara Cantor at The Curious Shopper
Becky Carroll at Customers Rock!
Katie Clark at Practical Katie
Iris Shreve Garrott at Circulating
Ann Handley at Annarchy
Marianna Hayes at Results Revolution
Elizabeth Hise and C.B. Whittemore at The Carpetology Blog
Maria Palma at Customers Are Always
Sandra Renshaw at Purple Wren
Kate Rutter at Adaptive Path
Claudia Schiepers at Life and its little pleasures
Carolyn Townes at Becoming a Woman of Purpose
Stephanie Weaver at Experienceology
C.B. Whittemore at Flooring The Consumer


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