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Freelancers Union Initiates Campaign to End Unpaid Wages for Freelancers

Recently I received the Freelancers Union member newsletter which gives a summary (see below) of what they are working on.


They have initiated a subway campaign in New York to bring awareness to the problem of unpaid work for freelancers. Employees are protected by the Department of Labor. Since freelance workers are now 30% of the workforce, it's time for a change. Members can sign up in support of the cause. There is also a page where freelancers are listing "who not to work for" - the companies who stiffed them. In some cases there is a pattern of non-payment. So far there are more than 140 comments.

NYDailyNews.com has picked up the story. Check it out!  And you can see the subway ads (Download SubwayAds) here.

 Have you ever been unable to collect payment? How did you handle it?


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