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140 characters conference in Des Moines May 9

Small-badge Do you have your ticket yet? The 140 character conference will be here Monday! It starts at 8:30 a.m. at the Stoner Studio Theatre. The day is packed full of  speakers talking about how they have been changed by technology and how you can use it. 

Originally designed by Jeff Pulver, the conference was designed to bring together about 140 characters to discuss twitter and topics like Celebrity, Media and Advertising. It's been held in cities like New York, London and Tel Aviv. Last year Hutchinson, Kansas held the first Small Town Conference with more than 200 attendees.

Now is your chance. Jeff Pulver, Deb Brown, and Nathan Wright are co-hosting the first Iowa 140 Character Conference. "The key focus of the conference is on how real time technology (twitter, facebook are two examples) is changing business, agriculture, media, education, sports, celebrity - everything." 

Will you be there? Right now there are still tickets available! It's networking in Iowa with attendees representing lots of different industries and businesses large and small.


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