Social media buzz helped promote Nerdy Thirty

Just returned from the Social Media Club Des Moines event featuring Wendy Townley speaking about her recently released book Nerdy Thirty. Great speaker, great company and always great food at The Machine Shed.

Nerdythirtybook Wendy shared how her book came to be published and the journey she is now on as she becomes a recognizable face around the Omaha area. She uses a mix of social media to create buzz as well as traditional advertising methods including print and radio.

My favorite parts are about how other people have become Nerdy Thirty fans and are promoting the book/concept in ways that she would have never thought of herself. Let's keep an eye on her and where this goes! Definitely a go-to event.

Check out upcoming SMCDM events.

Angela's Raw Adventure

Enrgpathlogo I'm teaming up with Angela Clark of enrgPATH. She is embarking on a raw journey for the next 90 days.

Are you interested in healing your body with food?
What's the big deal with raw food?
Join Angela's Raw Adventure via her blog at to see how she is using local resources to eat a 90% raw food diet for 90 days.
  • See Angela's "before" pictures 
  • See pics of Raw Food 
  • Get Information on Raw Food Demonstrations 
  • Find out where you can join Angela for a meal
  • Find links to raw food web sites, blogs, and recipes
  • Find the local connections to raw food


The Big Dream Gathering is Tonight!


It's here! The Big Dream Gathering is tonight from 6:30 - 10 p.m.

Polk County Convention Center

501 Grand Avenue, Des Moines


Wordless Wednesday: Snow Angels

I have to write about my experience with 'snow angels' last week. Many of you suffered with me through the sleet and snow that never seemed to end. A couple times I mentioned - to anyone who would listen - that is wasn't like the 'old days' when the neighbor kids came around and earned some spending money by shoveling.

Wednesday I was shoveling our driveway. There must have been close to 10 inches, although I didn't ever hear for sure. I was just getting started and noticed how wet and heavy it was and wondered whether I would get done in time for a meeting. When I looked up there was a white pickup coming down the street. They stopped, asked if I needed help, and offered to unload their snow blower and clean it off (for a small fee). I felt like the snow angels had appeared.

Finnemore-Harris Moving Now the sticky part - and how this relates to branding and marketing. Who do you think I will remember when we need our driveway cleared, or when someone asks me who can handle their moving and storage needs? Of course, it will be Finnemore-Harris Moving. They're out of Grimes. Never heard of them before, but I'll never forget them now. Probably not their biggest sale of the day, but it made a huge difference to me. How is your business sticky?

That's what I was thinking about when I selected this photo!


Photo on flickr by melomane

Green is a Hot Color!

LeafRemember Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street singing, "It's Not Easy Being Green?" Well, it's getting easier to be green. In fact, it's the color to be these days. This past week on was an article about custodians at a local metro school making the switch to "green" cleaning products. Everyone is healthier and the school is saving money! Sounds like a win-win.

My hat's off to them. How about you? Are you going green yet?

Download WHOTV-DesMoines_SchoolGoesGreen.pdf

Related post: recent study about the high incidence of asthma caused by cleaning sprays and air fresheners

Since I've been avoiding petroleum-based products and promoting green for years, I felt a bit like Kermit did. Now I'm fitting in just fine! For your viewing pleasure, here's Kermit!

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