140 characters conference in Des Moines May 9

Small-badge Do you have your ticket yet? The 140 character conference will be here Monday! It starts at 8:30 a.m. at the Stoner Studio Theatre. The day is packed full of  speakers talking about how they have been changed by technology and how you can use it. 

Originally designed by Jeff Pulver, the conference was designed to bring together about 140 characters to discuss twitter and topics like Celebrity, Media and Advertising. It's been held in cities like New York, London and Tel Aviv. Last year Hutchinson, Kansas held the first Small Town Conference with more than 200 attendees.

Now is your chance. Jeff Pulver, Deb Brown, and Nathan Wright are co-hosting the first Iowa 140 Character Conference. "The key focus of the conference is on how real time technology (twitter, facebook are two examples) is changing business, agriculture, media, education, sports, celebrity - everything." 

Will you be there? Right now there are still tickets available! It's networking in Iowa with attendees representing lots of different industries and businesses large and small.

Happy Ghosts on MyBlogLog Widget

Mybloglog Why don't people just upload their photos? I could not believe how many of the faces on the MyBlogLog widget this morning were happy ghosts. What's the deal? 

Myblogloglogo I have always enjoyed the community of MyBlogLog. You can actually see who you are having a conversation with.  I clicked on some of the ghosts and found that they really are haunting the site. They might have started to create an account but there is no actual blog attached. Maybe it's time to eliminate some of the dead wood on MyBlogLog. What do you think? Do you enjoy the community? How important is it to you to "see" the person visiting your site? I understand the privacy issue, but it seems like this is something else.

Sticky Website for Age of Conversation 3

Check out the new website for Age of Conversation 3: It's Time to Get Busy -  designed and built by Craig Wilson at Sticky Advertising.

Aoc3-150x194 The new cover was designed by Chris Wilson.

Look for the book in April.

Wordless Wednesday: Pink Glove Dance

This brightens my day every time I hear it. The employees look like they really enjoyed making this video. Have you heard/seen any great music/videos lately?  

I would guess a lot of people have heard about Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland because of their use of social media. I'm constantly amazed at this wonderful new world of communication and who is using it effectively. Do you have examples of social media that you really liked/disliked?

Are you putting out positive or negative energy today??

Today I plugged the word "positive" into the search field of YouTube and came across this video about Dr. Emoto and his research showing the effects of positive and negative energy on water. It is a compelling visual for me. Here is a link to the website World of Water. There's a video there that shows how they prepare the water specimens. Another interesting link is the Emoto Peace Project, the mission to carry his messages about water to the children of the world.

Some believe his research was a hoax.What do you think? No matter what any of us think - water is vital and we need to protect our sources.

How to incorporate FUN into everyday life

Here's a site guaranteed to make you smile. Looks like fun does change our behavior and they are proving it. The Piano Stairs are my favorite, and the Bottle Bank Arcade is a close second.

Wordless Wednesday: Creative Weddings

Using visuals to enhance life.

I love the creativity of this couple and their wedding party. It makes me smile and LOL every time I view it. And they have used the response to their video to collect donations for Sheila Wellstone Institute - an organization working to end domestic violence. How have you used visuals?

SOBCon09 is Next Week!

Can you believe it's almost May?

SOBCon is next week. If you're serious about blogging - or want to be - you have to attend this event. Check out all the people who are already signed up. Look at all the opportunities to learn and socialize with other bloggers.

Save-the-date-sobcon09 I still am unsure if I can attend. It's been a scary year so far for me and I have not been working as much as I would like. So my reasons for not attending have been based on finances. And then today a fellow blogger, Deb at debworks told me that Naomi from IttyBiz is unable to attend and is giving away tickets. You can be sure I went right over and signed up. And I told Jim about it because he really enjoyed SOBCon08.

I figure "if it's meant to be" we'll get tickets. It was a "meant to be" event that brought Deb and me together just as I am contemplating my future as a blogger.

Time is running out! Sign up today.

I'm sorry Naomi can't make it though. Be sure to check out the IttyBiz blog.

Restoration of Flood-Damaged Photos


Now that the flood waters are beginning to recede, people are able to get in and assess damage. One of the most heart-wrenching things is the loss of precious photos. They cannot be replaced. However, they may be able to be restored. There is an organization called Operation Photo Rescue that was started after Katrina and they are open to helping where they can in Iowa. They are a network of volunteers who can repair photographs damaged by natural disasters - at no cost to the owner.

And, there is a local photographer who is involved - Kevin Barber of Barber Photography. He is gathering other volunteers who may be able to help. Contact him today if you can help, or if you have damaged photos and need help.

Here's tips for salvaging flood and water damaged photos. It's important to take immediate action - and the right steps.

Angela's Raw Adventure

Enrgpathlogo I'm teaming up with Angela Clark of enrgPATH. She is embarking on a raw journey for the next 90 days.

Are you interested in healing your body with food?
What's the big deal with raw food?
Join Angela's Raw Adventure via her blog at www.blog.enrgPATH.com to see how she is using local resources to eat a 90% raw food diet for 90 days.
  • See Angela's "before" pictures 
  • See pics of Raw Food 
  • Get Information on Raw Food Demonstrations 
  • Find out where you can join Angela for a meal
  • Find links to raw food web sites, blogs, and recipes
  • Find the local connections to raw food


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