Car Held "Hostage" by "Disgruntled" Garage Door Opener

That was my original blog post title - until I read that "hostage" and "disgruntled" applies to people.

So the next title I came up with was Car Stuck in Garage because Garage Door Opener is too Cold. That's kind of boring though. I was looking for more descriptive language. And then I worried my little blog might attract unwanted attention because of the wording (kind of like making jokes that are not funny when you are boarding a plane). So I checked out more blogs that might use some of the same wording and found one about books and another about a diploma and even one about a duckie. And I worried that people might think my making light of these words meant I was insensitive to the plight of people and circumstances that truly warrant the use of these words. Seems like that is way too much thinking for a quick blog post.

Tuesday afternoon the door opened because I got out my favorite shovel to take care of the latest snowfall this week. I had an early-morning appointment Wednesday and several other commitments. It's been really cold out and the door hesitated when I tried to close it; however, it really didn't cross my mind that this might be a larger issue. Wednesday morning the door would not open at all. And same Thursday, although I was better prepared with a ride to my early-morning appointment.

The remote doesn't make it work, or the key, and there is plenty of power. We are blaming it on the cold. We have a brand new window in the garage and it's lock works really well. And the new back door opens inward and there is a lawn mower and other miscellaneous stuff jammed in, as well as my car, so it doesn't open. And the garage door does not have any windows. And the emergency lock is painted over (which I'm working at getting off) and I can't find a key that fits.

Yesterday some words that described me were frustrated (with the door), grateful (I have a home and work out of a home office and the most I have to worry about is language), discouraged (because I could not get to the grocery store). Today is better - resigned, accepting, hopeful...

We're waiting until warmer temperatures might allow us to open it just one more time. And then it probably means we need a new opener. You can be sure I'll park my car outside for awhile. Can the weather hold someone hostage?? A lot of us have felt this way during the winter of 09-10. Even the newscasters last night said this winter has been "brutal." Guess that's another post - and then maybe one about language and common usage. 

I'll let you know when my car is released. How's your day going??

Are you putting out positive or negative energy today??

Today I plugged the word "positive" into the search field of YouTube and came across this video about Dr. Emoto and his research showing the effects of positive and negative energy on water. It is a compelling visual for me. Here is a link to the website World of Water. There's a video there that shows how they prepare the water specimens. Another interesting link is the Emoto Peace Project, the mission to carry his messages about water to the children of the world.

Some believe his research was a hoax.What do you think? No matter what any of us think - water is vital and we need to protect our sources.

Green is a Hot Color!

LeafRemember Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street singing, "It's Not Easy Being Green?" Well, it's getting easier to be green. In fact, it's the color to be these days. This past week on was an article about custodians at a local metro school making the switch to "green" cleaning products. Everyone is healthier and the school is saving money! Sounds like a win-win.

My hat's off to them. How about you? Are you going green yet?

Download WHOTV-DesMoines_SchoolGoesGreen.pdf

Related post: recent study about the high incidence of asthma caused by cleaning sprays and air fresheners

Since I've been avoiding petroleum-based products and promoting green for years, I felt a bit like Kermit did. Now I'm fitting in just fine! For your viewing pleasure, here's Kermit!

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