One of my favorite apps: Skitch

Skitch Skitchlogo is my favorite clipping tool. I'm running it on my MacBook as well as my phone. There is nothing out there (that I have found) that is as convenient as this app to grab a screenshot. Use the annotation feature to share ideas or quickly explain an edit. As you know, a picture's worth a thousand words. Use this app when only a picture will do.

If you are looking for something free and easy-to-use, try it.  

Do you have other clipping tools that you rave about? Please share with us...

Restoration of Flood-Damaged Photos


Now that the flood waters are beginning to recede, people are able to get in and assess damage. One of the most heart-wrenching things is the loss of precious photos. They cannot be replaced. However, they may be able to be restored. There is an organization called Operation Photo Rescue that was started after Katrina and they are open to helping where they can in Iowa. They are a network of volunteers who can repair photographs damaged by natural disasters - at no cost to the owner.

And, there is a local photographer who is involved - Kevin Barber of Barber Photography. He is gathering other volunteers who may be able to help. Contact him today if you can help, or if you have damaged photos and need help.

Here's tips for salvaging flood and water damaged photos. It's important to take immediate action - and the right steps.

Web Sites: Put Contact Info on Front Page and Every Page

Number Nine of the Thirteen Top Rules of Marketing according to Bootstrapping Your Business by Greg Gianforte and Marcus Gibson, is "Put Your Best Foot Forward on the Web."

"Put your contact details on the front page on the top left or right, in significantly large type. Don't forget - up to a third of the people surfing the Web are simply looking for a contact phone number."

That's great advice. I also recommend that you provide contact information in your footer - which is on every page.

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