Have You Checked Out Bathroom Blogfest 2010?

BathBlogfest-2010--button-2 One of my favorite times of year is October. It seems like interesting events occur then... fall colors, fall break, birthdays, the Bathroom Blogfest, and Halloween. Even though the 2010 Bathroom Blogfest is over, it's not too late to visit the website and read all the great posts that have been written during the last week. Weekends are a great time to catch up on reading.

The topic was "Still Stuck in the 60s?" inspired by Mad Men, one of the most popular TV shows this season.

How is your bathroom still stuck in the 60s? How does that relate to customer service? You can also check out posts from previous years to see how important this piece of the experience is for customers. It might make more of a difference than you are aware of.

So jump in and read a bit. And look for this event next October.

Blogfest 2010 Participants:

Susan Abbott – @susanabbott

Customer Experience Crossroads – http://www.customercrossroads.com/customercrossroads/

Paul Anater – @Paul_Anater

Kitchen and Residential Design – http://www.KitchenAndResidentialDesign.com

Shannon Bilby – @shannonbilby

My Big Bob’s Blog – http://blog.mybigbobs.com/

From The Floors Up – http://fromthefloorsup.com/

Big Bob’s Outlet – http://blog.bigbobsoutlet.com/

Dolphin Carpet Blog – http://blog.dolphincarpet.com/

Carpets N More Blog – http://blog.carpetsnmore.com/

Toby Bloomberg – @TobyDiva

Diva Marketing – http://bloombergmarketing.blogs.com/bloomberg_marketing/

Laurence Borel – @ blogtillyoudrop

Blog Till You Drop – http://www.laurenceborel.com/

Bill Buyok – @AventeTile

Avente Tile Talk Blog – http://tiletalk.blogspot.com/

Jeanne Byington – @ jmbyington

The Importance of Earnest Service – http://blog.jmbyington.com/

Becky Carroll – @ bcarroll7

Customers Rock! – http://customersrock.net/

Marianna Chapman – @ResultsRev

Results Revolution – http://www.resultsrevolution.com

Katie Clark – @practicalkatie

Practical Katie – http://practicalkatie.blogspot.com/

Valerie Fritz – @Awarepoint

The Awarepoint Blog – http://www.awarepointblog.com/

Nora DePalma – @noradepalma

American Standard’s Professor Toilet – http://www.professortoilet.com/

Leigh Durst – @LivePath

LivePath Experience Architect Weblog – http://livepath.blogspot.com/

Iris Garrott

Checking In and Checking Out – http://circulating.wordpress.com/

Tish Grier – @TishGrier

The Constant Observer – http://spap-oop.blogspot.com

Renee LeCroy – @ReneeLeCroy

Your Fifth Wall – http://yourfifthwall.com/

Veronika Miller – @Modenus

Modenus Blog – http://www.modenus.com/blog

Arpi Nalbandian – @TileEditor

TILE Magazine Editor Blog – http://www.tilemagonline.com/Articles/Blog_Nalbandian

Maria Palma – @mariapalma

People 2 People Service – http://www.people2peopleservice.com/

David Polinchock – @Polinchock

Polinchock’s Ponderings – http://blog.polinchock.com/

David Reich – @davidreich

My 2 Cents – http://reichcomm.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Victoria Redshaw – @scarletopus

Scarlet Opus Trends Blog – http://trendsblog.co.uk/

Sandy Renshaw – @purplewren

Purple Wren – http://www.purplewren.com/

Around Des Moines – http://www.arounddesmoines.com/

Bethany Richmond

The Carpet and Rug Institute Blog – http://www.carpet-and-rug-institute-blog.com/

Bruce Sanders

RIMtailing – http://rimtailing.blogspot.com/

Steve Tokar

Please Be Seated – http://stevetokar.wordpress.com/

Carolyn Townes – @SpiritWoman26

Becoming a Woman of Purpose – http://spiritwomen.blogspot.com/

Stephanie Weaver – @experienceology

Experienceology – http://experienceology.blogspot.com/

Christine B. Whittemore – @cbwhittemore

Flooring The Consumer ­http://flooringtheconsumer.blogspot.com/

Simple Marketing Blog http://www.simplemarketingblog.com/

The Carpetology Blog http://carpetology.blogspot.com/

Smoke Rise & Kinnelon Blog http://smokerise-nj.blogspot.com/

Linda Wright

LindaLoo Build Business With Better Bathrooms – http://lindaloo.com/

Or Try DrawMo for Those Who Wish to Draw More

Drawmo And for those people who draw, try DrawMo. This is one I know I can't handle in November, since I'm over-committed, but I might want to try it next year. Can't wait to see the posts. You will find them all on the group blog.

I'm just so excited about all the neat things happening in November in the blogosphere. What a great time to join a community and practice anything. Probably with more research we could find other events. Sometimes I need a bit of motivation to keep doing something, and groups and classes always work for me.

What will you do in November?

Maybe Commit to NaBloPoMo Instead!

Nablopomo_yoda_120x240 What is NaBloPoMo?  It's National Blog Posting Month.

Maybe you don't feel up to writing an entire novel in November (NaNoWriMo), so join the group who pledges to post on their blog every single day. That's an awesome goal. I'm wondering if I have enough bandwidth to do both. Call me crazy, but I'm close right now. I think I'll sign up just so I don't let the blogging go by the wayside while I'm working on the novel.

November is shaping up to be very exciting, and very busy. Thanks to Debra Roby who posted about NaBloPoMo.

Birthday Greetings for Successful Blog


Something clever just for fun,
Successful Blog is turning one,
'Cause it's late I cannot wait,
But have want to say "Your Blog is GREAT!"

Happy Birthday Successful Blog! Didn't want to miss the 25-word birthday challenge from ME "Liz" Strauss, so had to think fast.

Photo on flickr by Andrew J. Swan

Photo Wednesday: Grasses and Wind

53115443_2fba82c10cAgain, Photo Wednesday comes around. The time seems to fly by. There must be something to the old saying I used to hear, "time flies when you're having fun." But maybe that was a bit sarcastic since people seemed to say it when they were doing things they didn't enjoy.

I wondered, so looked around on the internet a bit and found this article at LookSmart from Psychology Today. It refers to the adage "time passes more quickly as we age" and recommends that if you want time to pass more slowly, shake up your life. Hmmm...

Speaking of shaking, I love these ornamental grasses and they way they move in the wind. We just planted eight in our yard, so I'm looking forward to next year when they will grow 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. For now, I'm enjoying the plants in the neighbors' yards.

photo on flickr by the artful bodger

Full or Partial Feeds?

Rssbuttons I like to read posts in my feed reader to save time. But since I design sites for clients and myself, I tend to browse the blogosphere when I have a chance. No matter which I choose, it's annoying and customer unfriendly to find a partial feed - or even worse a partial post on your blog - making me (your reader) click for "more."

Yes, this topic has been discussed at length, but here's another opportunity for you to voice your opinion. Do you prefer partial or full posts and why?

Following are a few links to previous conversations on the topic.

Buttons by wizard creek consulting

Photo Wednesday: I Hear the Train

76971699_4d716a38d6I was pondering what to write about today, and remembered - it's Photo Wednesday!  That's a nice change for me because I love looking at the photoblogs and photo sharing sites.

So I went on a hunt for something seasonal from Iowa and couldn't resist this picture. This one's for you, Mike.

"I hear the train a comin' - it's rollin' 'round the bend..."

Mike Sansone is a blog coach extraordinaire and he is located right here in Iowa. He also refers to these lyrics quite often. Check out his blog and you'll see why. Give him a holler and let him know you're ready to get on the train.

photo on flickr by Lampy
lyrics from Folson Prison Blues

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